lab members

DR. Kadeghe G. FUE

Principal investigator of the Lab

Senior Lecturer 

Kadeghe's official webpage 

Kadeghe's Personal Website


Former Principal investigator of the Lab

Professor of Precision Agriculture

Former Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture

Now, Regional Administrative Secretary of Shinyanga Region [RAS-shinyanga]

mr. denis o. kiobia

Member [On study Leave]

Assistant Lecturer of Bioprocess and Post-harvest Engineering

mr. Donat T. Shukuru


Tutorial Assistant of Agricultural Automation Engineering

ms. Anna geofrey


Assistant Lecturer of Information Technology, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

ms. bertha lebalwa


Assistant Lecturer of Machine Learning, Agricultural Data Science, and Information Technology

mr. dickson massawe

Member and Research Assistant 

He is currently developing a semi-autonomous spraying robot for vegetable and orchard crops. He is also helping students and masters students to realize and build their projects.

phd students

mr. Moh'd omar

PhD in Soil Science. Climate Smart Rice Project supports him.

He is currently developing a digital decision support system focused on Salinity management through the use of Biochar.

masters students

ms. jane wurda

M.Sc in Irrigation Engineering and Management. The Inter-University Council of East Africa supports her - IUCEA.

She is evaluating the effects of pressure variation in Drip irrigation systems to validate an existing simulation model. The study takes place at SUA Museum grounds.

ms. jeruphina ponsian

M.Sc in Crop Science, She is supported by UNESCO Project

She is working on Precision application of roots and shoots extracts from chinaberry tree (Melia Azederach) on management of kongwa weed.

Mr. Heribert shija

M.Sc. in Irrigation Engineering and Management, He is supported by UNESCO Project

He is studying how incorporating remote sensing images into crop models can enhance irrigation scheduling efficiency.

undergraduate students

mr. Gervas Abel Lusele

Member and Student


Member and Student


Member and Student

mr. fikiri matatizo

Member and Student

 He is currently working on creating a mobile application that utilizes cutting-edge server-based disease surveillance technology to accurately detect plant diseases.



Software Developer

Mr. Bakobile is a full-stack software developer at the lab who is proficient in modern technologies including FastAPI, Django, GraphQL, Restful APIs, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ReactJS, and Flutter SDK. 

Currently, he is working on our Mwagilia App.

mr. patrick nachenga

Software Developer

Mr. Nachenga is a full-stack software developer at the lab, currently working on the Mwagilia App. He has expertise in FastAPI, Django, GraphQL, RESTful APIs, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ReactJS, and Flutter SDK.