Collaboration with neggrow co. ltd

EPAL collaborates closely with a precision agriculture startup located in Morogoro, led by Mr. James Kabati. The company specializes in the development of precision agricultural tools for irrigation, fertilization, and fertigation. EPAL and Neggrow work together on the development of tools and validation of concepts through field experiments. We are working with Neggrow on projects such as SG-NAPI, FSNET Africa and SUARIS.


EPAL and Anzisha are engaged in a collaborative partnership that encompasses various aspects, such as advisory services and training. EPAL extended an invitation to Anzisha as part of its YEESI lab project, where they provided training to students on the entire process of establishing a startup, from generating ideas to seeking funding.

epa LAB collaborating with two AI start-ups: NeuroTech Africa and

The Principal Investigator (PI) of EPA Lab engaged in discussions with two AI-tech start-ups who have expressed their interest in working and collaborating with EPA Lab and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). After productive conversations with the founders, an official agreement is being established to ensure that SUA EPAL provides support to the startups in terms of computing nodes and collaborations related to machine learning technologies. 

We aim to organize and foster constructive collaborations with AI-tech start-ups across the country, with the assistance of our partners.

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